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How to Maintain Relationships in Business with Louise Bannister

On today’s podcast, I speak to Publisher & Editorial Director (+ mum of 3) Louise Bannister who is a magazine maker by trade. Louise co-founded frankie magazine, from 2004 – 2014. Other successful titles she co-created include Smith Journal and SPACES. In 2014 Louise co-founded independent publishing company, We Print Nice Things. Louise is now Editor and Publisher of Lunch LadyMagazine – a quarterly publication about food + family.

We get stuck in straight away on this episode and Louise shares her story of the magazine industry and answers my big question is print media still alive in 2018. We discuss how your purpose fuels your business to grow. But a big highlight for me is the importance of building strong relationships with people as you move and grow in your business.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Be true to yourself and why purpose will help grow your business
  • The best way to go into a negation – a small a piece of advice everyone should hear!
  • How to communicate and maintain relationships in your industry
  • Is print media still alive and thriving in 2018?


  • Louise shares her story starting out in magazines (1.12)
  • How and when Frankie magazine was born (1.55)
  • A sad ending to a fresh start (3.48)
  • How Lunch Lady magazine came about (4.55)
  • How Lou went back to being an editor and creating content (6.48)
  • What the Lunch Lady magazine is all about (7.57)
  • The biggest learning experience in the magazine industry that you don’t want to miss (10.08)
  • How being true to yourself is important (11.20)
  • Great ideas should be valued (12.19)
  • An important lesson – what are you actually doing it for (12.40)
  • How to communicate and maintain relationships in your industry (13.45)
  • How quality is better than quantity (17.45)
  • How to take emotions in business (18.29)
  • Best way to go into a negotiation (19.42)
  • Is print media still alive, Lou answers the big question (20.19)
  • How to kick-start your own business with purpose and a solid business plan (22.34)


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