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Manifesting in Business with Emma Mumford

On the show today I talk with Emma Mumford about manifesting in business. We get all the questioned answered to help create a thriving business and becoming financially free.

Emma Mumford a.k.a Spiritual Queen is an award-winning Life & Manifestation Coach, Blogger, YouTuber, speaker and best-selling author of her debut book ‘Spiritual Queen’.Emma is the host of the popular Podcast ‘Spiritual Queen’s Badass Podcast’ and also has her own Law of Attraction merchandise available on her website.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Manifesting is a balance of trust and allowing and being present
  • Gratitude is a fantastic daily practice
  • The only way is up from Rock Bottom


  • How Emma’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur (2.18)
  • The moment that changed everything and asking for help (11.23)
  • Hitting rock bottom (13.45)
  • What Emma defines Manifestation as (14.48)
  • Why so many people resist LOA (law of attraction) and manifesting (16.29)
  • How Emma’s parents started coming around to her spiritual practices (18.33)
  • Can we use manifesting in Business (19.39)
  • Emma’s biggest learning experience (22.01)
  • Using a NO to find a solution (26.01)
  • Tips for manifesting (27.58)
  • The best piece of advice that is tattooed on Emma

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Follow Emma on Insta –  @iamemmamumford   FB –  @iamemmamumford

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