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Pimp Your Meta Description & Title Tags for SEO

TITLE Tags Meta Description

So you’re looking to jazz up your SEO (search engine optimisation) for your website, this is the one thing that can make you stand out in a search engine more than any thing else. You guessed it Meta Descriptions and Title Tags.

What is a Meta Description & Title Tags?

A meta description is 160 characters describing what is on a page and sits below the page title (title tag) which displays in a search engine. The title tag is the heading of your page or post.

Take a look at the example below.

As you can see the title tag sits above the URL,  followed by the meta description.  The best format for a title tag is to entice your reader with a catchy headline, followed by a clear description of what the post is about.

In the example above my home page (the first listing) has a clear title tag and gives a description of what I do. In the listing below I left Google to find the automated meta description and it is rubbish, it doesn’t really tell me about what is in the article or why I would want to read it.

Lets workshop the meta description right now.

Very Average: 6 Successful Byron Bay Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets. When I first moved to the … What do you believe has helped you grow your business? Advice and guidance …

Better: Why Byron Bay has entrepreneurs across the globe making tracks to the destination, to soak up the sun and create online success. 6 Women share their secrets

The Importance of your Meta Description & Title Tags

Having eye-catching and click-worthy content is one thing but you want it to do that in search engines. That is why your meta description and title tags are so important. These are the things people see before they even come to your page.  You want to get them right so people click through to your great content.

By clearly allocating your meta description and title tags it will also benefit your SEO. You have provided the information to the search engine instead of it trying to understand what your article is about. Most search engines use the first 160 characters from your page or blog post automatically.

I use Yoast for WordPress or you may like to try All in One SEO Pack


How to write great Meta Descriptions & Title Tags

 Simply describe what is on your page and have a catchy headline that is 100% click-worthy. It’s a clear interpretation of what that the article is about and the content that you are supplying.

Keep it short, precise and true – remember your meta description is only 160 characters long and a page title is best at 50-60. It’s a great opportunity to add your target keyword in and for search engines to pick it up.

And most importantly don’t jam as many keywords as you can in your meta description, you want to entice the person who searched for your information to click your link, not the one next to it or below it.

A few tools if you want to go super nerdy on me

SEMrush & Ahrefs

NOTE: The quickest way to get your newly improved title tags and meta descriptions are to add your site map to Google. Otherwise organically it may take up to a month before you see the changes as it depends on how often your site gets crawled by search engines.



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