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Mindful Running to Help Clear Your Mind with Carmen Low

Do you run to clear your mind from work? Are you consciously doing it or are you pushing yourself with unnecessary pressure? Today I am talking with Carmen Low about how to incorporate mindful running into your life to help you clear your mind but also bring in a level of awareness into your life.

Carmen is about all things Mindful – in Coaching, Running and Living. She is a running and a life coach. She is teaching women how to be more present in their daily lives and is using running as a platform to slow down.

I have known Carmen for years, she was my kinesiologist when I was living in the city and she was my very first client who wanted marketing and branding her business it was a fun project for me fast forward 10 years later I do this for a living and she is still inspiring people to hone in on their awareness and passion.

Here is what to expect in today’s episode. A discussion on all things mindfulness, awareness and consciousness and how that is in both life, business and running!

Biggest Takeaways

–  It’s ok to slow down

– Your routine can be flexible

– Having awareness is key to incorporating mindful running into your life


  • How Carmen first started Mindful Running and her journey that lead her there (2.00)
  • Allowing yourself to run mindfully energies you (7.57)
  • How Carmen’s mindful running practice has changed her (8.48)
  • Why slowing down is beneficial for our lives (14.16)
  • How easy it is to fall into burnout (16.27)
  • Why you should be preparing for those moments where you need to exert energy in life and biz (17.25)
  • Stop pushing and find the joy of what you do (18.59)
  • Bring in consciousness to suit ourselves and our life (20.00)
  • How to start running more mindfully (20.50)
  • Why setting an intention before your run changes everything (24.00)
  • Stay present and know that each time you go for a run or tackle a project that it will be different each time (24.55)
  • Adapt and find something that suits you to move your body (26.16)


Links mentioned in this episode

You can find out more about Carmen here –

Ep #15 The Cycle of Awareness with Jo Gillard

This Post Has 2 Comments
  1. Oh I loved this episode even though I am not a runner! It was a great reminder to stop and really think about what we want to do compared with what we should do and pushing hard all the time.

    1. Glad you enjoyed listening Bernie. Liz puts on a great show!

      We often forget, or get too busy, to take the time to listen to ourselves and the feedback it’s trying to give us.

      Routines are great…when they are working for us. We just need to check in from time to time, to see if our routines are still healthy and current. Exercise is just one of these things.

      Exert less to achieve more..

      Thanks for your feedback Bernie.

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