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Normalising Mindfulness with Janaoh Van Kekem

From athletic party boy to Vedic meditation teaching Janoah Van Kekem opens up about how he put mindful and spiritual practices into his daily life.

Janoah is a Vedic meditation teacher who is known for his refreshing approach to all things mind, body and soul. Having followed a pathway through hospitality management, several university degrees, alcohol sales and a tendency towards scepticism, Janoah brings a raw and relevant perspective to his work: After experiencing how profound meditation can be but also understanding the desire to still be engaged in the world, he decided that perhaps he could find a way to make meditation and associated practices more approachable, and just normalise it


Biggest Takeaways

  • Exploring spirituality is a journey
  • Tips to start your journey into mindfulness
  • How different life CAN be once you incorporate a spiritual practice
  • You can still be you and meditate!


  • Janoah’s story of how he became a meditation teacher (2.38)
  • What is Vedic Meditation and the different styles of meditation (5.26)
  • What Janoah’s life looked like before he brought in mindfulness (7.44)
  • How leaning into the journey and meeting someone who talked openly about meditation helped Janoah change his path (9.56)
  • Playing with our triggers (13.05)
  • How Janoah’s mindfulness and meditation practices affected his relationships(14.35)
  • The family saw a shift in Janoah and tried meditation (17.16)
  • Leading and owning the new you (18.28)
  • Tips to help you start when your own spiritual practice (20.28)
  • Best piece of advice Janoah has ever been given (25.28)

Links mentioned in this episode
Find out more about Janoah over here –

Follow Janoah on Insta @janoahvankekem  FB –  @janoahvankekem


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