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Persuasive Communication with Jeff Tippett

Ever wondered why some people glide through life effortlessly, closing deals, landing free stuff or simply surrounded by people? Persuasion. This small superpower is the topic for today’s show with Jeff Tippet the founder of Target Persuasion. We dive into the difference of manipulation vs persuasion, the three ‘C’s of communication.

Jeff founded Targeted Persuasion, an award-winning public affairs + communications firm. He has worked with renowned brands like Airbnb, The National Restaurant Association, The League of Women Voters, The League of Conservation Voters, plus others. Other industry experts have validated Jeff’s work with numerous awards including the prestigious The American Advertising Award.

Jeff’s book, Unleashing Your Superpower: Why Persuasive Communication Is The Only Force You Will Ever Need, boldly declares we all live or die based on our ability to persuade.

Biggest Takeaways

  • The difference between manipulation and persuasion
  • Listening is more valuable than talking
  • The importance of nurturing relationships
  • Communication is crucial in any situation


  • Jeff’s Journey into starting his own business (2.41)
  • What is persuasive communication (5.27)
  • Why do we need to use persuasion (6.20)
  • There’s only one group of people persuasion does not work on (7.42)
  • How can persuasion be implemented in business (8.22)
  • Communication is through words; spoken and written (9.36)
  • Persuasion and manipulation what is the difference (10.18)
  • Listening to others for their wants and needs (13.15)
  • Two magical words to look for (14.09)
  • Biggest learning experience for Jeff and tuning in (16.47)
  • Listening (18.28)
  • The 3 ‘C’ of persuasive communication (19.52)
  • Addressing fear and putting it into the positive (28.59)
  • How much time to be putting into each of the three ‘C’s (32.35)
  • Enjoy nurturing relationships (34.50)
  • The importance of understanding the linear path of a journey (36.17)

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Find out more about Jeff here –

Get Jeff’s book HERE – from Amazon

Download your guide to writing your message HERE –

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