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Plan your Year Like a BOSS!

Plan your year like a boss

Hello 2018!

Are you ready?

Ready to dive into another year of inspiring business? What I love about New Year is that you can dream about the possibilities of where you want to take your business for the year.  It’s a time where I am feeling excited, nervous and determined to give it my all.

Deciding on what to tackle first, and how to do all the things to keep our business ticking along sometimes stumps me. I am a dreamer, an optimist that strives big and often I have to remind myself that it takes individual actions to get me to my dream life. But I am on my way.

The beauty of mapping out your year is that you can continually move forward in the direction you want to grow your business. This year I have big plans to add group coaching to the table since it didn’t come to life last year, start a podcast with my amazing biz bestie and to launch my online course.

All these things are not going to happen this month. Because I am not superwoman! I am a mum with two kids under four, with ten hours of actual work time a week. The rest is squeezed into nap time and evenings. But I have a plan. One that gets my kids sorted into daycare and preschool this year – hello more time. I have spaced out when I plan to get these projects off the ground so I can focus on one at a time.

It’s a lifesaver knowing that they can and will happen this year. Just by taking small steps towards them.

This is why I plan my year but I am also reasonable with myself as to what I can actually do in this moment. Forecasting my success actually brings me closer to it and helps me keep striving for my goals.

If you want a little clarity, to review your business and to create big dreams that inspire. Then I would love for you to take part in my 5-day challenge #planyouryearlikeaboss.

You can do it at your own pace and start as soon as you hit the button below. It will guide you through creating solid goals, reviewing your business right now and then mapping out your year. It is loads of fun and will set your year up for greatness.

THIS CHALLENGE IS NOT CURRENTLY OPEN – Head over to the freebie page and grab the content crusher to help you 🙂

Plan Your year like a boss
Plan Your year like a boss
Plan Your year like a boss

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