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Positive Psychology with Nikki Ayres

How one small act of creating an affirmation to share in the office lead Nikki Ayres into a successful career in wellness. On today’s episode, we talk about positive psychology and how we can use our minds as our greatest tool to attract abundance and follow our dreams.

Nikki is an international speaker, retreat host, coach and yoga teacher. Plus she is my daily morning hit of inspiration with her Instagram stories either dancing or hula hooping.

What to expect in today’s episode:

Biggest Takeaways

  • That it’s important to open up your body
  • Affirmations are the easiest and best thing to start implementing right now to start a shift in your mind
  • Positive phycology is powerful and co-insides with the Law of Attraction


  • How Nikki ended up becoming an advocate for wellness from working in the Fashion and Beauty industry (1.54)
  • What is positive psychology and how it starts with a single thought (5.42)
  • I am affirmations and how good they feel (9.05)
  • Abundance is being grateful for what you have (10.26)
  • Patterns and how to rewire the mind (11.53)
  • Why some people are missing out on all the good vibes (13.29)
  • You can’t change someone they need to be ready to change themselves (14.57)
  • Tips to implement positive psychology into your day (15.25)

Links mentioned in this episode
You can check out Nikki’s website here –

Follow her on Instagram here –

BOOK: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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