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Pricing: To show or not to show with Lizzie Moult

PRICING: urgh it’s a topic we always seem to ponder more on. And today I open up about how I have removed pricing from my website to change my mindset around the value of products.

This year I have been working on my money mindset fairly deeply and have noticed that the next step into expanding my business was taking away the price tag of my offerings. I have set the prices and only I know what they are until I share them with people I know I can help.

It’s an interesting topic and even talking about how much to charge is another huge one. Which I feel I will need to share at some point on the podcast but for now. Should you show your prices or not?

Biggest Takeaways

  • Why you should face your money blocks to bring in abundance
  • Showing your price is a personal thing that only you can decide is what is best
  • That there is always a way to pay for something you really want


  • How I am currently facing my money blocks (1.56)
  • How I have been letting go of the pricing of products (3.11)
  • Why I am no longer showing my prices on my website (4.24)
  • Why it also helps me to understand if I can help my clients better (5.35)
  • Why judgment is being removed by my decision (7.12)
  • You pay for an experience (8.54)
  • How your mindset associates price and how it affected me (9.33)
  • How you can be abundant – always (11.01)
  • There is always a way to pay for something you really want (12.07)
  • A price tag is just that – an exchange for something you want to feel (15.16)
  • My takeaways for removing my pricing and how to create more abundance (16.16)

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