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Purpose over Perfection with Kristin Kembel

Learn how perfectionism eats up your time and mental space while your purpose sits on the sidelines. Today on the podcast I talk with Kristin Kembel about how we can put our purpose back in front again so we are living a happier life.

Kristin is originally from southern California, grew up in Atlanta, GA in the US, and made the big move to Australia last year. She’s a professional graphic designer, turned art director, turned girlboss business owner, and she spent most of her career helping to design and grow a women’s travel accessories brand. From graphic design, to product development and marketing- let’s just say she definitely knows the ins and outs, successes and struggles of growing and maintaining a brand.

We both open up and share our vulnerability of how perfectionism has affected our lives.


Biggest Takeaways

  • How to conquer perfectionism
  • That niching down in your business is really liberating
  • That your purpose is far greater than worrying about being perfect.


  • Kristin shares her story of leaving her 9-5 job to work remotely and registering her business (1.58)
  • How niching down developed her current business (6.13)
  • Some people fear limiting their business by niching down (7.42)
  • Starting is the biggest thing you can do to help your business grow (8.20)
  • Some of the excuses we make as a perfectionist 9.30)
  • Comparisonitis is the stem of perfectionism (11.33)
  • How folks are trying to hard online and how it comes with a sacrifice (11.50)
  • I share my personal perfectionism excuses (12.40)
  • Perfectionism eats up time and mental space (14.09)
  • Kristin shares how recently she noticed that perfectionism was taking over her personal life (14.44)
  • Rediscovering yourself again and what you want to focus on (18.20)
  • How to get on top of perfectionism – Four tips (19.03)
  • Dropping comparisonitis (19.20)
  • Remove anything that triggers you (20.01)
  • It’s ok to say no (20.46)
  • Take downtime (21.10)
  • How Kristin takes downtime (22.48)
  • Embrace happiness and how far you have come (23.45)


Links mentioned in this episode
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The 4-Hour Work Week- Tim Ferris

Be a Free Range Human- Marianne Cantwell

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