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Re-writing Self-Worth with Laura O’Hagan

Self-worth visits all of us and it can pop up in our lives and our businesses at any time. On the show today I talk with Laura O’Hagan about how we can re-write our self-worth stories to improve our lives.

Laura is a mum of two, a writer and a Life Coach and Self Worth Mentor. She works with women to quit the crazy talk in their head, rewrite their worthiness story and reconnect with themselves so their life feels as good as it looks. Laura is passionate about supporting women on this journey after realising how much her deep beliefs around her own worth were holding her back in life. After rewriting this story Laura was able to leave her 10 year corporate career – as an Accountant! and work with other driven women who realise that they are the ones holding themselves back from their dreams. Claiming her dreams for life she also moved to her dream location where she now lives on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Self-worth stories can be re-written
  • Catching your stories is just half of the fun
  • Laura reveals why it is so important to ditch the stories of self-worth


  • Laura’s biz and how she moved away from 9-5 as an accountant (2.37)
  • What self-worth is, Laura explains what she defines it (3.55)
  • Looking for validation and letting of it (4.48)
  • Accepting our value (5.33)
  • The epidemic of self-worth and the symptoms (6.16)
  • How marketing plays a role in our self-worth (9.42)
  • Laura’s own story of how self-doubt popped up (11.17)
  • Tips on how to re-write your stories of self-worth (15.04)
  • Catching your thoughts and observing them (20.10)

Links mentioned in this episode

Find out more about Laura O’Hagan and her work HERE

Follow her on Insta – @laurajohagan    FB –  @LauraOHaganCoach

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