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Meet Over 20 Women Creating Freedom in their Businesses


If you are stuck on the question “How do I gain more freedom with my business?” and hold a secret desire to travel the world or spend more time with your family while still growing a successful business.


Today I want to introduce you to my friend Samantha Kirya’s she is the creator of the Her Self-Made Empire Summit. As a huge advocate for women to have freedom in their lives while creating a successful business, she is focused on helping others also create this freedom. Samantha lives in Denver, Colorado with her wonderful husband and 3 active boys for part of the year as well as in Uganda, Africa the other part. She is heading back to Africa in May 2018 to spend some time working with local women through a clinic called Marah Medical Center. She is super passionate about traveling and making an impact wherever she goes.


The Her Self-Made Empire Summit is starting next week, I am participating in it, and I’m so excited to invite you to join for FREE!


In this exciting interview series, Samantha Kirya brings 20+ Experts & Amazing Female Entrepreneurs together (including me!) to share their unique strategies with you. Build a business you are passionate with proven systems and expert strategies without sacrificing the freedom to do the things you love


Through these interviews, you’ll find out how to:

• Break old habits and beliefs that are keeping female entrepreneurs from creating the freedom they want

• Find the RIGHT strategies that work with your lifestyle

• How to automate quickly so you can spend more time doing the things you love

• True struggles female entrepreneurs are experiencing with building a freedom-based business, and how to overcome them

• How, as a woman, you can take your gifts and passions and create a location-independent business And much, much more…


These interviews are REAL, short and to the point conversations with women who’ve created amazingly successful businesses (because we know how busy you are)! SO let me ask you this: What would it be worth to you to be able to sit at the feet of over 20 female entrepreneurs growing top of the line businesses —while still having plenty of free time to travel and do the things they love—to find out HOW they are doing it? For me it’s worth A LOT, which is why I will not only be a speaker, but I’ll be attending, too. Register here with your complimentary ticket to listen in.






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