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Doing the Soul Work Mandy Sciacchitano

On the podcast today we are diving into SOUL WORK with Mandy Sciacchitano and how you can integrate it into our lives. We look at journaling and the power of writing down our thoughts and self-reflecting.

Mandy is a certified life coach and speaker who specializes in helping ambitious female creatives, entrepreneurs and coaches take their soul work a level deeper in order to create greater clarity, action and results in their businesses.

Adopting the mantra “get out of your head and into your body,” Mandy believes that our perfectionism, lack of confidence, and obsession with achievement as a society is because we are disconnected from our souls and intuitions.

She uses tools like breathwork, meditation, journaling, cacao, and mindful movement to peel back the layers to tap into the power of who you truly are.


Biggest Takeaways

  • Soul work is an integration of mind and body
  • Journaling is a powerful tool to unlocking our soul work
  • Setting intentions as we go into new places or move through each day.


  • What Mandy’s been up to over the last year and her soul journey (2.51)
  • Why it’s important to address your soul and do the work (6.11)
  • Looking at the many layers of ourselves (8.30)
  • Head knowledge vs body wisdom (9.08)
  • Putting the soul work into action (11.30)
  • How Mandy is incorporating soul work into her life (12.38)
  • Setting intentions (14.23)
  • How self-love is hard to integrate (17.53)
  • The key to self-love (18.53)
  • Owning your values (20.45)
  • Journaling – what is it and how to do it (23.30)
  • There are two rules to journaling (27.54)
  • Addressing your relationship with fear (30.50)
  • Other tools to try for soul work (32.06)
  • A few pieces of advice to help start the inner work (33.31)

Links mentioned in this episode
Find out more about Mandy here  –

Follow Mandy on Insta –  @mandy.shock      FB –   @mandysciacchitano

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