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Creating A Harmonious Home Environment with Tamica-Anne Reynolds

On the podcast today I talk with Tamica-Anne Reynolds about creating a harmonious home environment. We talk about positive and negative ions, how to ground the kids into your space while also bringing awareness to the electronics in your life.

Tamica is a qualified Kinesiologist and a EFT (tapping) practitioner and is truly passionate about sharing these energy psychology techniques with people all over the world.
Her vision is that all people may come to understand and truly embody the immense power that lies within each of us allowing us to thrive and reach our fullest potential.

We are going to cover the tools to help you create your own sanctuary, how to balance parenthood and work and reducing the use of your phone.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Environment is everything
  • Creating a safe space at home helps you to recharge
  • You can escape the buzz of a city


  • How Tamica does what she does today (1.36)
  • Keeping the hippy alive living in the city (2.50)
  • How does Tamica create a sanctuary in her home (3.30)
  • Salt lamps and their energy (5.43)
  • What are positive and negative ions (6.36)
  • Negative ions in the home (9.30)
  • Importance of creating your own sanctuary (10.59)
  • Electromagnetic and city noise (13.31)
  • Ground kinds into your space (17.41)
  • What’s it like for adults addicted electronics (20.09)
  • How can we ground ourselves while using our computer all day (22.58)
  • Tips for bringing in more harmony to our homes (25.26)
  • Tamica shares the best piece of advice she has recently heard (29.46)

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Follow Tamica on Insta –  @neosoma__ FB – @Neobeingemotionalhealth

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