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How to tap into your Soul Purpose with Erica Carrico

On today’s episode, I am talking with Erica Carrico a certified career shifter and life coach, free spirit and world traveller. Erica guides holistic and spiritual professionals out of meaningless careers and into careers or businesses they love.  One that unveils their true purpose so they can finally earn a living doing what they absolutely love.

Erica has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management, a life-coaching certification, 12+ years experience with people making career changes through international recruitment and living her purpose through nonprofit leadership, 2 successful career changes under her belt, and knows her purpose here on earth is to help you live yours.


With a croaky voice on my end, we discuss how to tap into your soul purpose, what it looks like and how to make sure you are living yours.


Biggest Takeaways from today’s show

◇  Learn how to recognize when your soul purpose is calling you and what you can do to bring light to it.

◇  Erica reveals the biggest mistake people make when choosing a career

◇  The best explanation of soul purpose and how it is made up of two parts – it will honestly blow your mind.

Check out these highlights

  • Erica reveals when she knew she wanted to be her own boss [1.04]
  • From feeling the pressure of choosing a career to help a corporate company grow [3.08]
  • The single biggest mistake people make when choosing a career [4.30]
  • Why using your gifts on a soul level is important [5.00]
  • The definition of soul purpose like you have never heard it [6.05]
  • Three big questions to ask yourself to tap into your soul purpose [8.48]
  • How to quiet the mind [9.40]
  • Using meditation for ten min a day [11.18]
  • How nature can heal your thoughts [13.30]
  • How to know when your soul purpose is calling [14.37]
  • Find out more about Erica and how to connect with her [16.50]

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