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The Art Of Social Media Content

The Art Of Social Media Content

The lucrative business of creating content for your social media platforms is not a myth nor should it be challenging. I have created the art of social media content tips to help you get aligned and to boost your profile for your business.

You don’t know what to write?

You feel like you have used up all your good stuff already?

What if you just aren’t getting any traction from your social media accounts.

Maybe your content needs a little work?

Today I am sharing a couple of my top tips about the art of content creation for social media. Yes, the art of social media is a mysterious machine, it keeps changing, evolving and what worked a few months ago may not work now.

The Art of Social Media Content: TOP TIPS

TIP No.1. You are selling a feeling. Regardless of what you are actually selling. Create your story for social media based on the feelings you want your tribe to feel when they connect with you. Think deep heart feelings. For example, I hope to inspire entrepreneurs to live their dream lifestyle with a business that is flourishing.

Tip No. 2 Social Media is a social place, it’s not all business. You want to hang out and get to know your followers engage with them and be a person too. Make time to comment, share, chat, like, love or even go live.

Tip No.3 Know when your audience is online – post when they are active. Research your insights for your chosen platform and when you schedule or hit publish on a post you know that it’s peak hour and will get the most hits. Learn more how to read your insights for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Tip No.4 Share content that your readers will love. If you know they would love to hear about a specific yoga workshop because you also talk a lot about yoga and health and wellness then that is a great fit for your ideal clients. Plus you never know some of them may even attend that workshop be it yours or someone else’s. Keep the content that you share relevant to your readers and make sure it still aligns with your business.

Tip No.5 Reuse, recycle and revamp. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going back to your old content and livening it up again to then reuse it. If something worked three-six months ago why not try it again. Or if a post you thought was going to go crazy just didn’t hit it off like you though, maybe your readers were just not ready for it yet, so take some time and find good quality posts that you have already crafted and reuse, recycle and revamp them.

Tip No.6 Come up with a theme for the week/fortnight or month and create content on that subject. It’s a great way to prime your community if you have something of value to share with them at the end, like a product or ebook to solve their problem.

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The Art Of Social Media Content
The Art Of Social Media Content
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