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Thought Management with Kerri Mackenzie

What if you didn’t want to be scared at the dentist anymore? What if you were brave enough to sit through a filling without anesthetic? On the podcast today I talk with Kerri Mackenzie about how she did just that through thought management and how we can use it to live a wildly successful life.

Kerri Mackenzie is a guided meditation facilitator & intuitive life coach. Dedicating her life to redefining how individuals and couples approach life during and after separation and divorce. She specialises in consciousness, thought management, law of attraction, intuitive connection and the cultivation self-love & compassion.

Here is what to expect in this episode:

Biggest Takeaways

  • Our minds are F’n amazing!
  • We can totally create our reality by using our minds
  • We have over 60,000 thoughts a day


  • Kerri shares her story of how she first came across thought management (2.27)
  • What thought management is (5.47)
  • Our actions are powered by our thoughts (7.26)
  • How to move out of autopilot through our thoughts (8.52)
  • Replacing our thoughts and the first thing you need to do (10.38)
  • Breaking down how our thoughts affect us and a real life example (12.23)
  • Importance of creating a positive feeling in things you are yet to do (17.59)
  • How to define when you’re on the right path (19.20)
  • The two types of fear and what they are (20.27)
  • Kerri shares an incredible example of how we can let go of fear – think of going to the dentist (21.36)
  • How we are blocking our wild success (25.31)
  • It’s important to choose which thoughts we should address (27.25)
  • How to look at our thoughts and see which ones are facts and which ones are really our feelings (27.57)

Links mentioned in this episode


Find out more about Kerri here via her website –

BOOK: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

DOCUMENTARY: What About Me? One Giant Leap

Brooke Castillo – The Life Coach School

Louise Hay

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