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Tips for Improving your Copy with Rachel Kurzyp


On today’s episode, I talk with Rachel Kurzyp about copy. She shares some amazing tips on where to spend your energy when it comes to writing and creating content for your audience. Plus a few inside secrets on copy editing that will help you get to communicate clearer.

Rachel is a copywriter & marketing consultant who helps people blend who they are with what they do, to build a thriving, profitable, and sought-after brand, and become known for their expertise in a way that feels right to them. Rachel works from her home office in matching tracksuit sets, is the mother of 30 indoor plants, and owns more scarves than she could ever hope to wear.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Copy is important for every business
  • When writing get to the point fast
  • Our websites need to be on point


  • Rachel’s story to starting her business (2.07)
  • Why is copy so important (3.33)
  • How to use storytelling in our business (5.37)
  • Where we should invest our time when it comes to copy (8.20)
  • Your website is your portfolio (11.10)
  • Tips for improving your copy (13.24)
  • Knowing your audience (15.41)
  • Formula for great copy (21.20)
  • Make it clear and get to the point fast (25.12)
  • Defining your writing style (26.55)
  • The five stages of writing (27.05)
  • Know the direction for your copy (29.15)
  • Two top tips for editing your work (30.56)


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Find out more about Rachel here  – www.

Follow Rachel on Insta – @rachelmkurzyp  FB –   @rachelmkurzyp

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