Understanding the Seasons of our Cycle with Rachael Condon

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In today’s episode of the Wild Success podcast, I talk with Rachel Condon about understanding the seasons of our cycle. Rachael is a period consultant, trained teacher in natural fertility education and qualified nutritionist. We discuss the different stages of our cycle that rolls around each month and how that plays out in our lives and in our bodies. It’s a jam-packed episode so grab a pen and paper!


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In today’s episode of the Wild Success podcast, I talk with Rachel Condon about understanding the seasons of our cycle. Rachael is a period consultant, trained teacher in natural fertility education and qualified nutritionist. We discuss the different stages of our cycle that rolls around each month and how that plays out in our lives and in our bodies. It’s a jam-packed episode so grab a pen and paper!


Hey Rachael, thank you so much for being on the show with me today. 

Thank you, Lizzie. Thanks for having me on. I’m very excited to chat with you. 

Yes. It’s such a great topic that we’re talking about today, but before we even go there, I would love for you to share what it is you do and how you ended up doing this. 

Yes, of course. No worries. Currently I’m working online as a period consultant and a natural fertility educator. I say online, as I basically do one-on-one consulting and it’s all done via video call and I’m moving into some online education and online course type of stuff at the moment. My first course will be out sometime in November, if all goes to plan, I hate putting dates on things because everything takes me way longer than I expect, but I’m going with November. That course is going to be about charting your cycle conception. It’s really heavily focused on tracking and understanding our fertility signs. its a really exciting course, but the reason that I’m in this amazing field of work is really because I went through my own health challenges and health struggles and they were really centered around the menstrual cycle. I was on the pill basically for 10 years straight. 

I ended up in a place where I had really bad anxiety. I was crying all the time over nothing. My gut health was horrible. I had cronic acne and I was just tired, like all the flipping time. I remember waking up one day and just thinking to myself, there has to be a better way than this. Like I just got to the point where something really just had to change. I think the catalyst for that was that my anxiety became crippling. I would wake up in the morning and the first emotion that I felt was dread and like, I just didn’t want to face the day. I knew that something needed to change there. Anyway, I started researching and I went down a rabbit hole basically because I just wanted to try and do things a bit naturally. One of the first things that I discovered and took on board was that I needed to get off sugar. 

So that was going to help. It did help with my energy levels, my mood, my gut health, all of these things, just from making that one simple change. So that really sparked my interest. I was like, wow, what else can nutrition do if just quitting sugar can make me feel so much better. The next thing that I discovered as I kept on researching was what the pill was actually doing to my body. harm, I was quite mortified when I discovered what it was doing. I quit the pill overnight after being on it for 10 years, right from age 15, to about 25 at that stage. When I quit the pill, I was obviously expecting my period to come and it didn’t. The next month it didn’t come and it just didn’t come month after month. About six months into not having a period at all, I was like, I need to go and get help from a doctor. 

I went to the doctor and explained what was going on, I was really worried about this and that I was trying to do it all naturally. It was so disheartening for me because the doctor that I saw their solution was that I needed to go onto the pill to get a regular period. I was like, well, I’ve just stopped the pill. Now I’ve got no periods that I’m not going to go back onto the pill, but they didn’t have any other solution. I didn’t have any other advice for me. I remember leaving and crying because  I just felt so unheard and so unsupported. I was like, Oh my God, like, what am I supposed to do if my doctor’s not able to help me? So it was really disheartening. That’s when I’d started really researching even more long story short, I studied nutrition and then became a nutritionist. 

It took 12 very long, very frightening months from my period to come back. Lizzie, when it came back, I cried the happiest tears I’ve ever cried because I was so grateful to have my period back. Like I felt whole again. I just swore that I would never take my period for granted again. 

Wow. Wow. Wow. Amazing something that happens every month for us to then just disappear, of course you’re going to celebrate. Yeah. That’s an incredible story. No wonder. You’re so passionate about women’s health, and this is why you do what you do because you’ve had firsthand experience of what the pill can do. You can, I guess, get back your health from nutrition. Nutrition is a part of what you’re doing now? 

It is. Like, after that six month Mark, when I wasn’t able to get the help that I thought I would get, I did like a complete overhaul. So I’d started with the nutrition stuff. After that, the more I researched it’s like all the pillars of your health needed to be addressed. I stopped exercising so much and just like grinding away at the gym. Like I used to, I went and got counseling for my anxiety. I switched to natural products and I just, yeah, like I literally just overhauled my life. I had to change a lot of different things and it all played part into my healing. The thing is like, it seems like such a crazy, horrible story, but it’s quite common, which has like, it’s really sad that there’ll be people listening and they’ll understand this, or they would have been through it or possibly going through it right now. 

Like it’s not that uncommon, but when you’re in amongst it and you’re going through it literally feels like you’re the only person in the world that has these problems. 

Yeah. so,  I’ve never taken the pill ever. I’m one of those people, I’m a naturalist always have been. However  I’ve known people that have, and when it comes time to think about having kids,  you want to get off of it, but what happens is they know that they’ve got to get off it in a certain amount of time. They’ve got to correct their bodies in order to have kids. Because that’s the thing I think, if I rewind back to goodness when I was 15, 16,, the pills, there was no health causes about it. We didn’t have that much information. Zero discussion. 

Yeah. Zero discussion. Exactly. I went to get the pill, it was for contraception, but the doctor also explained to me how wonderful it was going to be for my skin. As a 15 year old with acne, I thought this thing had been sent from the heavens no, mate. I was like, Oh my God, it’s going to fix my skin as well. Amazing. That was all I knew about it. It was going to stop me from getting pregnant. I was going to fix my skin. 

Wow. Isn’t that crazy?  Oh my God. If I could take back those days and pimples. Oh my goodness. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. 

It’s like when you’re 16, like that’s the last thing you want. Yeah, there was no discussion around the nutrients that it was going to deplete. Yeah. Or the fact that it was going to stop the communication between my brain and my ovaries. I think that’s like when I learned about that, I was just like, Oh my God. Especially starting at so young, like I can’t actually remember when I got my period, but I reckon it would have only been when I was about 14. Potentially I didn’t even have 12 full months of menstruating before it just got cut off. The link between, my brain and my ovaries, it wasn’t a very strong link to start with because it hadn’t like really had enough time to create that strong link. 10 years later, what happened is that basically we go back to where we were at 15 and our body has to try and start creating all these messages again. 

Wow. Wow. Just wow. That’s mind blowing.  Being so disconnected,  I guess, because I’ve never been on it. I do understand my body and how it responds throughout the month and it’s been a journey. Absolutely. Being disconnected from it???  I’m such a feelings person to not know. I don’t know. That would be intense, but I guess once again, like they’re giving you these things at a young age, especially for your skin and then contraception. Yes. You know, you don’t think about it. Never never.

Let’s digress from the away from the pill for a moment because today’s topic, we’re going to get super into our period and talking about the seasons of the menstrual cycle. This is something that I’ve always been fascinated with. I’m sure so many of you guys are going to like, love this as well. 

Can you maybe give us an overarching, of what the actual seasons of our period even look like?


Yeah, definitely.
For those listening, if we just like to take a moment to think about how different we feel emotionally and physically, depending on where we are in our cycle. For example, you might be really optimistic and full of energy at one point in your cycle and then feel quite sensitive and lethargic at another point. 

Well I’m shaking my head, yes. Yeah. 

We’ve all felt it. Like, despite what we’ve been led to believe, this is actually a very natural change that we go through and it’s due to our changing hormones. We’re not actually the same on any given day of our menstrual cycle. We’d go through cycles of like emotions, energy, motivation, sexual desire, sociability, productivity, everything we’d go through cycles in all of these things. I think one of the most powerful things that we can learn is to associate those changes with the seasons of the year, because what happens is that we actually go through all four phases of the year within one menstrual cycle. 

Oh my gosh. That sounds exhausting. 

It’s amazing actually. For example, the menstrual phase, which is when we have our period, this is when we will experience our own inner winter, the follicular phase, which is typically, as soon as we’ve finished our period up until around the time of ovulation, that’s the follicular phase and this is associated without inner spring. The ovulation phase is out in a summer. The luteal phase, which is after ovulation up until our next period begins is out in our autumn. Like all things to do with the feminine, the inner seasons are flowing. They’re like a continuum and one season will blend into the next and we all experienced them slightly differently. Like Lizzie, for example, you may experience a really long in a winter and then I might experience quite a short in a winter. It’s the key to working with your inner seasoned is knowing that it’s really based on how you feel. 

It’s not based on like a date or a certain and stop point in the cycle. Yeah. It’s really about how you feel. Once we delve into each season more, you’ll be able to understand how they blend together. 

Aw, this is so exciting. Well first of all, I just want to acknowledge something, feeling, this is something that I talk about a lot with a lot of people, I love feeling. I think everyone needs to understand how their body feels because it ties back to like our intuition. It ties into what’s happening and what’s right for us. Like that’s a big deal. Like our mind can convince us anything. To be able to feel what’s going on, like it’s a really great guidance system. As women, we’ve got this extra added bonus of our menstrual cycle, like, I actually use it to know when I’m going to do something for my business. Like when I run a launch, like I actually time it. I’m not doing it in my winter phase as Rachel mentioned, because now I’m like, now I get all the seasons and now I understand it well, but let’s go into this more because I’m like super keen to learn more as well. 

So where’s the beginning. Do we start in winter? 

Yeah. I normally explain them by starting up winter because it’s an easy starting place because we know like when we get out period, we’ve moved into our inner winter. Now some ladies do move into their, in a winter a day or two days prior to actually starting their bleed. In general, most ladies will move into their inner winter once they get their period. The way that I might try to explain all of these is I’m going to give like a little overview of like mum and nature’s winter. I’ll explain our inner winter so that we can see how this correlates really neatly. 

I’m happy dancing here, 

Nature’s winter, if we think about it like outside, it’s cold and it’s fairly still, the animals have all surrendered to the season and some of them have gone into hibernation. The seeds are all line dormant in the ground. As humans are getting cozy on the couch with things like hot cocoas and coffee socks, and probably a good book, we often have like hearty, vegetable soups, or slow cooker meals going in the kitchen. Our social plans are usually at like a minimum and in general, things have just slowed down. So that’s, what’s happening in mama. Nature’s winter. Then our inner winter. This is when our hormones are at their lowest point, which means that our energy is low and mood is often a lot flatter, but our body is still doing a lot of internal work as we’re bleeding. Usually we just feel like staying at home, taking a nap on the couch. 

Again, centralizing is pretty much the last thing on your mind when you have your period. Usually we’re craving comfort foods, whether that be like something sweet, warm cinnamon oats, or like salty roast vegetables. I explain those two seasons, can you see the similarities between mum and nature’s winter and our in a winter? 

It’s really funny because being a country girl, everything that you listed as like mama nature, I was like, yes, I feel that desire, like you slowed down and you do like, I know winter, like as soon as like first or even the day before I kind of know. The day of my bleed, it’s like, right, I am surrendering. That’s my couch. Don’t mess with me. Yeah. 

Exactly. They’re kind of same as nature’s winter and out in the winter season. What we can take from nature during our inner winter, like I’ll list a couple of things. Firstly, this is the time for us to hibernate and reserve our energy. Just like those animals do. It’s a really good time to eat hearty, warm and deeply nourishing foods like slow cooked foods. This is when we should be focusing on ourself, not the outside world. It’s really a time to surrender and let go. I like to say that there’s no point in trying to fight this season. Like the animals, don’t try to fight that winter’s coming. They just accept it and surrender to it. That’s what we really need to do. Just that one thing alone, if your listeners can really take that on board, it can really be so life-changing because if we don’t surrender and let go in our inner winter and slow down and just allow ourselves that rest then for the rest of the cycle, we’re going to be trying to catch up. 

 It just makes everything so much harder. 

Yeah. I talk a lot about moon cycles as well. I’m feeling like winter is actually the new moon.


 you’re spot on. 


Cause that’s the thing like the new moon for me is my winter. Yes. I always know that’s when I’m gonna have my period, that’s when it’s coming or going, but it’s like it’s course as you’d like that darkness nature actually tells me that I need to come in words and not everyone’s periods like line up perfectly with new-born don’t worry. Yeah, for me, I feel like it’s similar, like with the moon phase as well. 

Yeah. You’re spot on Lizzie. There’s, this is all like basically what we’re talking about is cycle sinking. We’re addressing the inner seasons in our chat today. You can also do it with the moon phases and you can also do it with the archetypes. There’s different platforms and frameworks that we can use. I have always found that the inner seasons are the simplest to use and less any of the ladies listening don’t currently have a period. Whether that be for reasons like stopping the pill or amen area, for other reasons, maybe they’re pregnant or whatever, you can use the moon cycle as like your surrogate cycle. Yeah. The moon’s a really beautiful one because it lines up perfectly as well. So cool. Yeah. So that’s a good one. Yeah. 

Spring we on to spring, or is there anything else you wanted to add about winter? 

Would you like me to give some like strengths and vulnerabilities for each of the seasons? So as in things that we should really take advantage of and then some things that we disliked need to be aware of which of the seasons?
During, in a winter we do have strengths. Some people, would think there’s no strengths there, but when we’re bleeding definitely got strength. So heightened intuition is one of those. This is a really good time to focus inward and pay attention to your spirituality. If you’ve got a spiritual practice, a perfect time for that, it’s a really good time for letting go of things that are no longer serving you and you can also bleed on it. What that means is that if there’s a big decision in your life or something that you’ve been needing to just make a decision on bleeding on, it means that you will take that decision with you into your inner winter and just really focus on it and see what comes up. Because as I just mentioned, your intuition’s a lot higher and it’s like when your wisest self is going to be speaking to you can have access to that. 

It’s a really good time to bleed on it. If you’ve got a big decision to make. A couple of things to be aware of is that you will be low in both physical and mental energy. So don’t try to push it. It’s just going to end badly for you. Further along in the cycle often were withdrawn and more introverted. Whenever possible, put off social events so that you’re not attending them during your, in a winter, if possible. Another one is that it’s often harder for us to really concentrate on detail oriented tasks. This is a good one for any of the ladies that are listening, that are in business for themselves, keep all of your detail oriented tasks for in autumn and in a summer, not your inner winter. 

I’m going to vouch for personal experience. Like even when you try to do it’s just so hard, not so hard. Yeah. 

Just like ending up staring at a page and going, hang on. What was I doing now? What was it? 

I just wrote a sentence. Oh what was my next one? Hold on, let me reread that sentence. I just wrote a sentence. What’s the next one. Yeah yeah. Hang on. Should I do some washing? Yeah, exactly. So random. Yeah. 

That’s how in a winter, it’s actually a really beautiful time of the cycle. If you’re somebody that has trouble loving your period, then maybe it’s because you’re not surrendering to it and allowing yourself to just look after yourself. I think a lot of women these days have trouble with allowing themselves to slow down because we’re just always like on and we’re just like push, achieve, achieve. Do winter’s the time to not do those things. 

It’s like the race set, the reset button, 

The big red race at button. I love that. Alrighty. Shall we go to spring? 

Yes, let’s do this. I’m like excited. I’m feel like there’s going to be some lag by seeds are ready to pop. Let’s do it. 

In spring. So let’s look at mama nature Springs. The sun’s now sitting like a little higher in the sky. The weather warmed up and little seedlings emerged from the ground. The animals have now come out from hibernation and there’s little baby animals being born. Us humans are getting excited about the brighter weather and I can to take advantage of it by organizing picnics in the park and sunny brunch dates and things like that. Spring salads, fresh fruit and colorful platters are usually on the menu. Everyone is just in general, full of enthusiasm and full of ideas for what they can now do the Springs here. So that’s our mum and nature’s spring. Out in the spring, we have emerged from the period cave. Our estrogen is rising and that gives us more energy and more enthusiasm. We usually really came to catch up with our friends and do things like get our nails done or do something fun after spending all that time on the couch, full of ideas. 

Whether that be for things at work or at home, like making over your bedroom or whatever it might be, we’ve just been bubbling with ideas. In general, we’re just really enthusiastic about life. That is a mama nature’s springing out inner spring. Again, there’s so many similarities there. What we can take from nature during out in a spring is that the world is like rebirthing and renewing. And we can do that too. It’s also the perfect time to play like the baby animals. Try new things, be social, get adventurous. We’re naturally more inclined to take some safe risks at this time. So take advantage of that. It’s a really good time to start new projects and bringing things to life. We want to eat vibrant, fresh and light foods during this time of our cycle. Now move into the strengths and the vulnerabilities again. So, spring, our strengths are that we have a lot like our energy and positivity and confidence are all on the rise. 

That’s really a beautiful strength to take advantage of. Good time for brainstorming and big picture thinking. It’s easy for us to come up with new ideas and think a bit more outside the box. It’s actually a really good time for learning new skills. You can think of the little baby dares that have got to learn to walk. We can learn new things as well and try some new things. Or even if it’s not new things, it can be different ways of doing things. That’s a really good one for it. A couple of things to be aware of, sometimes we need too much and we’re seeking too much outside validation. We can tend to please people a lot in this season. I guess that comes back to like the baby animal type of thing. Like you really want to please everybody. You’re looking for everybody to say, yes, you’re doing a great job, but they can become weaknesses if you rely on them too much. 

We can also be too eager and over commit to things too early in our inner spring. We’re like, Oh my God, full steam ahead life. Let me add it. If you go out too hard and too fast, you are still like those little baby animals or those delicate little seedlings, you still need to cherish and nurture yourself as though your, that little baby seedling. If you just go out too hard and fast, you might crash or you might tend to then fall into the people pleasing side of things. Yeah. That’s some things to be aware of. 

Wow. Who would have thought that was a people pleasing a bit in the cycle? I love this. Yeah. I was like, I can see that. Cause I think also, especially cause when you’ve come out from winter, like, I don’t know. Sometimes you feel maybe an element of guilt. Yes. It’s like, I’m trying to make up exactly what I’ve just been going through. That’s big. Wow. I feel like spring is fun though. Totally fun. Yeah. Just don’t take on too much. Remember smaller things at the same time. Summer, I feel like this is like all out there. Full moon. 

Yes it is. This is like the peak of our seasons, the peak of mama nature season and also the peak of our season. This is one of the seasons that most women absolutely adore. However if you are somebody that’s more introverted or like shy, then sometimes the season can be hard for you and tricky to navigate. Again, this is a really individual thing. It depends on each of us and our personalities. Mum and nature’s summer, we’re looking at the peak of the seasons. It’s really bright and hot and lively outside. The plants are all in full bloom with juicy plump fruit, lots of animals around. And the bees are really buzzing. Us humans are usually like socializing down at the beach or enjoying some sports on the Lake. It’s a time of the year where we can basically work all day and then still enjoy Friday night cocktails in a cute dress, followed by Saturday breakfast with your bestie. 

You can do a park run with the kids. Like you can just squeeze it all in and then do it all again. The next day it is. Yep. That’s what happens in summer. If we look at out, summer, as I mentioned before, this is also the peak of our inner seasons. Our body is at its most fertile stage and our Eastern levels are really high, which means that we have my glowing skin surgeon confidence in a really high libido. With the combination of high estrogen. We get a nice little bump in testosterone at this time as well. We are usually really buzzing with energy and motivation because of those two hormones. We tend to really enjoy being social and we have no problems with giving our time and our energy to other people. Like it just comes naturally and it feels easy for us to do that. 

That’s, our mother natur’se summer versus our inner summer. Again there’s so many similarities there and what we can adopt from nature’s summer during our inner summer is that we should take advantage of that really high energy and great mood that we feel perfect time for socializing, attending, networking events, or being seen. That’s a good one to jot down if you’re working for yourself or if you’re in a career where you need to be giving presentations and things like that, we tend to have high libido and high confidence at this time. It’s really good time for romantic dates, giving and caring is supernatural for us. If you need to give your time and your energy to other people, this is the perfect time to plan to do that because it will just feel so natural for you and you’ll really enjoy it. Basically anything to do with communication can be planned for this time as well. 

A couple of things to be aware of. Some vulnerabilities that we have in summer, because we do have them in this season as well, is that we might be inclined to overextend or overextend ourself and forget that autumn is coming. We think we’ve basically got our superwoman Cape on and everything’s feeling easy and we feel like we can do everything, but we tend to forget that’s not going to last like the high of summer does not last. Definitely keep that in mind when you’re in that it’s not going to last. 


 I might give a little example. Because I’ve done this so many times and I still try and catch myself out. It’s especially when you’re in that season you’ve got all this energy and will, Oh, it’s time socializing. I’m doing all the things you actually start booking in more. And you forget that next week. You may not be feeling exactly the same as you are in that moment. Sometimes just being aware of like it’s best for a day or so, but don’t get too excited and map out the next two weeks of your calendar. 

Yeah. Yeah. You’ve nailed it. That’s exactly the consideration that needs to be had so excited. That’s the thing like, Oh, let’s do it all. Yes totally. 

So that’s the summer features. Are there any things that we need to be aware of? 

Yeah. Another thing is just to really be careful that you don’t actually burn yourself out by doing and giving too much because there’s a limit like, so just be careful of burnout basically. Yeah absolutely. Yeah. 

Do you have anything else to add ? Because I feel like Autumn’s is the one that I know that a lot of people will be keen to know more. 

My favorite season, this is legit. My favorite season. This is where like, I feel energetically at home is in my, in autumn. Yeah. 

Yeah. I’m so like questioning myself. There you go. Describe a way. 

Mama nature’s autumn. Obviously the weather is starting to cool down and the leaves are changing color and everything becomes more mellow and like earthy, the leaves can start falling off the trees. You’ll notice that all the animals, especially like the squirrels are busy gathering all their food and preparing for winter. At the end of autumn, it gets quite cold and big gusts of wind will whip through the trees and sand, all of the leaves twirling and leave those trees looking really raw as humans have pretty much packed away all of our summer dresses and our sun lounges. Now we are opting for things like red wines and risotto news in front of the fire, then our inner awesome. In this season for us, our progesterone is soaring and it becomes the dominant hormone. With that, it brings us slower pace and a turn inward. 

The ovulation buzz that we feel has really worn off and we become a lot more grounded and better able to focus. Now if your egg wasn’t fertilized at ovulation, then your endometrium will start to break down. Towards the later part of your inner autumn, your energy can become erratic and wild. We become less filtered and less worried about the outside world. We tend to focus more on ourselves. What we can take from nature during our inner autumn is that the grounded or that earthiness brings with it focus, motivation and clarity. Now lack the animals. It’s a great time to organize and get things done and focus on yourself. Now hormones and energy levels will pretty much fall like those leaves do off the trees. They’re just going to drop also like those, how I mentioned the big gusts of wind coming through and ripping all the leaves off the trees, then we can also be like that. 

We can be like quite wild and raw, especially towards the end of our in autumn. The last thing that we can take is that before hibernation, the animals will actually increase their food intake because obviously during that winter, they’re not going to be eating anything. They need to have enough energy to sustain themselves during that hibernation. This actually matches what happens to us. We have an increase in metabolism in our autumn and a higher calorie requirement, which most ladies can probably relate to because we get cravings and we just want to eat a lot more than usual. Well that’s actually a really natural thing, thanks to the hormone progesterone and the types of foods that are really good to choose would be like earthy and wholesome foods that are going to help you sustain your energy. So yeah, definitely not. Unless you’re doing the really slow carbs and they’re perfect because our requirement for carbs does increase, but not the sugary type. 

Yeah. Like root vegetables. Yeah. Let me explain, because this is what everybody will be curious about. Let me explain your strengths during this inner season. Detail oriented tasks or things that you need, like really deep concentration for this as the time to do them. It’s also a really good time for ticking off your to-do lists and just like getting stuff done. Those two things I’ve just mentioned there more towards the start of your inner autumn and middle of your inner autumn. Once we move into that really PMs phase, like, two to three days prior to our, in a winter coming, things are different in that particular chunk of our cycle, but for the rest of the in autumn detail oriented tasks and just getting you to duly Stan is perfect. Also really good at doing editing or any audit that you need to do. Whether that be at work, if you need to edit something or whether that like cleaning out your kitchen cupboard or your clothes, like it’s really easy for us to just be like, yes, no, yes, no, but don’t get emotionally stuck on things. 

It’s just easy for us to be like black and white. Yes. We want to keep that. No, we don’t want to keep that. So editing’s a really good one. You’ll be really honest at this time. Honest with yourself, which means that it can be really good for reviewing what is, and what is not working for you in your life. If you need to do some deep work or anything like that, then take advantage of your inner honesty during this time. Now of course, there’s definitely things to be aware of during this beautiful season. The first thing is that you might start questioning everything like your job, your relationship, your goals. You’re just like, what am I even doing? So that’s because we have like a natural tendency to destroy in this particular season. So just keep that in mind. I don’t think it’s the best time to make big life decisions. 

If there’s something that you need, that’s a really big decision. Don’t make it during your inner autumn. You also notice that your inner critic’s voice can get really loud. I think that’s probably one that most ladies will relate to. We also start to compare ourselves a lot during this season. So be aware of that. I mentioned honesty, so that can be really beneficial, but when communicating with other people, it can come across as like blunt or rude. Just keep that in mind when you’re trying to talk with other people or communicate something that your honesty and is perceived the wrong way. Another thing I’d want to mention is that if you don’t allow yourself to really feel what you need to feel, and if you keep trying to censor everything because of what you believe you should or should not be doing or thinking or how you should, or shouldn’t be acting as a woman, then you can really end up with a lot of resentment. 

During this season, you just need to allow yourself to feel what you’re really feeling. If that just means taking an hour to yourself and sitting down and journaling it or whatever it might be, you actually need to feel it, which Lizzie, I’m sure that’s going to be one that you would love because you’re all about feeling. 

Yeah, it totally is. It’s really interesting. Cause it’s like the whole all through the cycle,  they all feed into each other, in their own little ways, like, you’ve just mentioned autumn and we move into winter from there and that phased prior to winter,  has its own little feeling before you go into that next one, like, yes, they’re broken into big chunks, but those cycles like you blend, as you mentioned, like, I love that. I think, that gives us a bit of space and leeway to know when those times are, because I’m sure sometimes some people might have a longer summer, like he mentioned, or a shorter winter and exploring what those all are. Cause I guess we have to feel our way through each month. Yeah. 

Cool. Those couple of days prior to when your period starts, I’ve read a book called wild power by Alexandra Pope and it’s written by another lady trigger. I’m sorry. I can’t remember her name. I think it’s Shawnee someone. They explain this part of the cycle as the void. I love that when I read that, I was like, yeah, that is actually what it’s like. You’re moving to this day or two where you’re just like, you’re literally waiting for your period to come, it’s coming. You kind of feel like you’re not anxious. Yeah. You can definitely feel anxious. Yep. You feel a bit like lost. Like you I’m not in my autumn anymore, but I’m not in my winter. It’s like the void and it’s like a fuzzy place where time can really either slow way down or it can speed up. It’s a really interesting concept. 

I think anybody that’s listening, that’s new to this work as you start going through these phases. I think the void is one of the easiest things to pick up because you’re just like, your period’s coming and you just don’t feel quite like yourself. When you do get your period and you bleed starts, it’s a big relief or a big release even, you’re like, Oh, and then you just feel like you’re moving back into yourself again. You’re back in the game. Yeah. Yeah. You’re kind of back in your body again, because once your period stops, whereas when you’re in that Boyd excess, like a whole different ball game in there, 

It’s looking your mind, you have to really consider what’s going on. Wow. I’m just like, I would have thought like good old nature representing the cycles. In our words, It’s such a perfect analogy and it makes it easy for us to understand where we are as well. Yeah. 

So Rachael, thank you so much. I’m going to ask you one little sneaky question before we wrap up. Sure. What would be one piece of advice that you would share anyone who’s about to start tracking or observing? 

Oh yeah. Okay great. I would suggest that the most important thing in this type of work is to actually track your own cycle because basically, so I’ve just explained a framework, but no one’s going to fit perfectly in that and notice all of those strengths and all of those vulnerabilities exactly as I’ve explained them. A really simple way to track your own cycle and know where fit in there is by grabbing yourself a new journal. So just a blank journal. On the first page, you’ll divide it into like quadrants. There’s going to be four boxes on each page and write cycle day one on that page, flip the page and do the same again. Cycle day, two cycle day three cycle, day four, et cetera. Each of those four quadrants will represent one menstrual cycle. On the first cycle that you’re tracking in that top left quadrant, just jot a few dot points about the things that you would specifically like to track. 

For example, you might want to track your communication skills, productivity, creativity, or if you want to do like personal things that could be like energy levels, sexuality, and mood. Day one, just jot down a couple of things day to a couple of things. Once you’ve been through a whole cycle, you’ll come back to that first page and use the second quadrant and do the same thing. What you’ll end up with is four cycles one page. You can see on day one of my cycle, Oh look, I’m always feeling really antisocial or, flip through day 13. Oh wow. That’s when my libido really spikes and my creativity is off the charts. You can start really like designing your life around your personal cycle and how you actually relate to what’s going on with your hormones. 

That’s so cool. That’s the thing like once you gather the information, you can then, overlook it and go, right. Here’s my habits. Like it’s done over for menstrual cycles. Yeah. 

Yeah. It just makes it really easy to see it all one page and like, cause you don’t have to write like journal pages full of what’s going on. You just jot down the things that you’re interested in knowing. 

Yeah. Or experiencing like the little dot points. So easy, so simple. If anyone would like to find out more about Rachael, we are going to put Rachael details, her Instagram, her Facebook, her website onto the show notes. It will be at the very top. You can go ahead and go find her. Right. Thank you so much for walking through this with us today because for one, like the synchronicities are just, I’m blown away. I simple, but thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. 

Absolute pleasure. I’ve loved chatting and thank you so much for inviting me on. I hope all of the listeners are able to take something away from that. Thank you. 

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