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Website Hosting with Katerina Angelova

On the Wild Success Podcast,  today I am talking with Katerina Angelova about website hosting. I have used multiple hosting providers over the last 15 years and I have finally found a company that I just love. My page speed is top-notch which is great for SEO, their customer service is awesome and I can always get help easily when I need it.

Katerina is currently a Partnership Manager at SiteGround Web Hosting. Before she started working with the company’s business partners, she was part of the Customer Care team for 4 years and has helped thousands of SiteGround users take advantage of the multiple speed and security optimization tools the company provides. Katerina has both the technical background to tell how a website can be optimized and the business knowledge to explain what are the benefits of the site optimization for your business.


Biggest Takeaways

  • Having a website hosting provider with great customer service is an asset to your business
  • Everyone should have website security
  • SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial for the success of your website


  • Katerina’s story proves how some things are just meant to be (2.35)
  • How does hosting work (7.20)
  • SEO through to website hosting (9.26)
  • Location is not everything + understanding caching (11.21)
  • Site speed and evaluating your page (14.33)
  • Website security and its importance (16.01)
  • Website load speeds (20.16)
  • How to check your website speed (21.57)
  • Tips to improve your SEO (24.58)
  • An example for those that have a lot of images on their website (29.21)
  • Optimise your images for your website and access your plugins (32.48)
  • Best advice for you to access your SEO

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Find out more about Siteground here –

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