Create a life that feels magical


TRUST YOUR INTUITION + Master your Energy Without people pleasing IN A SUPPORTIVE CONTAINER - for a life full of courage & confidence

Are you ready to take some time for you?

Are you ready to understand and OWN who you truly are down to your core – to discover what lights you up, how to trust your intuition and set supportive boundaries – because you are done looking after everyone else first . . .

Then this is the revolution you need!

You’re a woman who . . .

. . . has always put others’  needs ahead of your own – from your kids to your friends and your family – you feel time poor and are still dreaming of showing up to that weekly yoga class 

. . . would love to support your own needs for a change and to protect your energy by setting some firm boundaries and scheduling in more time for the things that nourish you

. . . Feels overwhelmed by the weight of endless responsibilities that sit on your shoulders – from the juggle of running a household and caring for families to earning an income and maintaining healthy relationships

. . . wishes that you had more inspiration and passion when it comes time to work and being creative

. . . yearns to talk to someone about spirituality, to grow and learn more in this area, but has no one to open up to

. . . wants to feel unapologetically confident in your own skin and to stand up for what you believe in!

That’s why you’re here!


Because you’ve had a little nudge from the universe.  You’ve been searching for a supportive space to hang out with other women just like you who are leaning in to change and uncovering & trusting who THEY are.

You just need a down to earth approach to BRING YOU BACK HOME to yourself and to unlock your soul’s essence, so you feel confident, powerful and ultimately inspired to action in the right direction.


Whole Woman

An online course and community that combines group coaching and down to earth spirituality to transform your life, so you can master your time + energy, trust your intuition, embody your soul’s essence  & live with purpose.

Stop overthinking your next move

Because you have everything you need to do this right now. It’s all within you, you just need the tools to release it.. 

And, I want to help you do that.

It’s time to ditch the negative thoughts that take over your mind and make you feel like you’re not enough – together we will master your mindset so you can take action from a place that feels good.

Learn how to listen to your intuition and uncover your unique essence which powers you to tackle the everyday obstacles and crush icky situations. 

Own your voice and feel confident to speak up for what you believe in. Change comes when you communicate with the world what it is you want; it takes courage and we are going to dive into that too.  

How good would it feel to be living the life you dream of – taking holidays, working with passion and having plenty of time to spend the way you want.

Are you ready to live in your truth?!

An enlightening, fun, excavation into your soul's unique expression.

Whole Woman is a deep dive into discovering and meeting your most empowered self. The true essence of who you are, to step into this identity and to show up this way.

I felt inspired again to claim my gifts, step forward and speak my truth connected to my soul mission. This course is an enlightening, fun, excavation into your soul’s unique expression and practical ways to bring this into the world.

Lizzie is a fantastic space holder. Loved being able to do this in a safe and supportive container with other like-minded women. Thank you xx

- Suzanne Cleary

The Whole WOMAN COURSE with Lizzie was hugely empowering.

It was such a fascinating trip of self-discovery to go so deep during the course and discover my true spirit essence.

Lizzie, I really appreciate your time, knowledge and encouragement and am already incorporating the learnings in all aspects of my life, living with more power whilst embodying my true spirit essence and living authentically.

Thanks so much again for developing this unique experience and creating a truly safe environment to be open and honest and workshop with a fun, like-minded, incredible group of women, it was amazing!

- Jules Hewett

I've discovering my spirit essence and know that I can channel her for assistance & Guidance

Life before the Whole Woman was very hectic and all over the place. I was in a state of non-stop work with no breaks and not honouring myself at all.
My biggest takeaway was discovering my spirit essence and knowing that when I have those hard times I can channel her for assistance or guidance or strength or whatever else I need in that moment.  This was something I needed so much, I got to where I needed to be and found my spirit essence.
This whole experience has given me the strength to keep going through all that life has thrown at me in the last few months.  
- Chelsea Giles

The Whole Woman Community is one of a kind that…

Lizzie Moult

Holds you accountable to your truth and assists you in showing up daily as your fully expressed self​

Deep down you know you have a little bit of magic inside of you. A burning desire to be more, do more & have more. It’s been niggling at you for a while and you are ready to unlock it and set it free and to celebrate all that you are. You are worthy of SHINING BRIGHT. You have a set of skills like no other. Your intuition wants you to listen, TRUST IT and unlock it so your life is abundant, filled with joy, soulful, impactful and fun! This program will walk you through the strategies to make this happen. It’s time for you to come home to you.

Supports you in creating space for YOU + the things you love

I know how hectic life can be, carrying the responsibility, keeping the peace, running the house and more. YOU know it’s TIME to give yourself the same level of love and devotion you hand out to others. It’s just how in the heck to do it, right? You will learn how to master your energy, create a daily rhythm that suits you and your household, work with the moon energy and set boundaries to reclaim your time! 

LM home
Lizzie Moult

Gives you a deep understanding of the energetic dance we have between our mind & intuition

Crack through the beliefs and patterns that are holding you back and let go of fear-based thinking. We dive deep into creating a positive mindset, one that not only supports your journey, but also assists you in connecting to your inner wisdom. You will learn how to listen to and trust your intuition and understand how your body guides you. Through sharpening your awareness you will no longer be missing any important messages from the universe. It’s simply getting out of your head and becoming present, trusting your gut and living in a place of flow and alignment.

Immerses you in a conscious community who come together to celebrate, connect & discuss ancient wisdom

When women band together magic unfolds. We are witnessing more and more right now that it’s time to move into a softer and gentler way of living, so here, we hold space for each other as we share with open hearts and support each other to lead with passion. This is a safe space, to ask questions, dive deep into your own inner journey, celebrate your life lessons and be witnessed as you are.

Wild Success

When you focus on what you love & share your passion that is when the magic really starts to happen in your life

Here’s everything you get as a member….​

When you join, you get access to

    12 Lessons & workbooks that guide you in discovering your true self in order to live a  life with purpose + passion. (I break out what each module is below)
    Each week we come together to share our discoveries, discuss our learnings from the previous weeks and get those questions answered to bring clarity to your life.  (calls are recorded)
    Each new moon we gather to clarify and set clear goals for the coming weeks ahead. We meet our new members and welcome them to our community. (calls are recorded)
    Every full moon we come together to open our hearts and share any challenges that we are currently sitting with and talk through habits & behaviours that need to be released.  (calls are recorded)
    We have you covered, from articles and meditations to podcast episodes and journal prompts, in our resource area as well as in each lesson.
    Join in on conversations with like-minded women, many of whom most likely live near you! Our members often get together in person + make new friends.W


    We reward our members with first priority to all events and programs with Lizzie PLUS an exclusive discount on her 1:1 mentoring & coaching.
    Each season there are LIVE masterclasses on topics that support what is current for our members PLUS we also get guest experts to run masterclasses too!

Thank you so so much Lizzie for helping me unlock my emotions and understand who I really am! 

The course helped me gain clarity on who I am, not just what I am and also helped me focus in on what I want for my life. I now feel I can go after what I want in all aspects of my life.

I really feel I developed skills and ways of thinking/approaching different situations that I will use for the rest of my life! You created such a safe space for all of us to share and open up and I really appreciate it! thank you again Lizzie!

- Christina Macdonald

this course will help to make the world a better place.

Working with Lizzie was great! She created a safe container which allowed participants to open up, share and be vulnerable in their quest to identify and implement their spirit essence. 

Lizzie you are amazing, and your support in helping bring out the amazingness in all you reach with this course can only help to make the world a better place.

- Meagan Kruger

It was a delight, surprising, confronting and exhilarating.

I was and still am, blown away by the whole concept of the ‘spirit essence’. It feels as I have been offered another missing link which will guide me in my life journey of self-discovery and more importantly self-love. I am still very much in the infant stages of diving into this concept which is very exciting and I am looking forward to where this will lead me. It was beautiful to connect with strangers in a safe space that Lizzie successfully created. Thank you again Lizzie for this truly sacred offering and guidance. Lots of love to you 

- Imma Adelaja  

there were big parts of my soul that have been neglected for many years, especially my playful side!

Lizzie thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to rediscover who I am at a soul level. This is something I have wanted to discover for a very long time. I didn’t realise to what extent I take on others thoughts/opinions & how much others mindsets affect my own (putting others first & limited boundaries).
Big aha moments for me, getting feedback from friends, putting my needs first (e.g. getting puppy dog), the thoughts-feelings-action-result switch & ditch, framework, simply sitting in question & feeling body’s response (brilliant, raw, intuitive) & definitely big aha was the SYMBOLS! When you talked about them I was like cool I’m not the only one that feels that way about birds! I now understand why I have kept all my shells I’ve collected over the years.
I’m still working through all the modules, going deeper in the journey. They will be fantastic for future reference as well. The first module was absolutely amazing for self discovery, realising there is big parts of my soul that have been neglected for many years, especially my playful side. I see that side in my son & it makes me smile from ear to ear when he is being silly & knowing I will never let him or anyone else squash those beautiful fun qualities. I am truly grateful for this amazing course & thank you so much Lizzie you are truly a remarkable wild earthy priestess! 
- Belinda Eagle

Here is what we will be working through together…..

Magic of Intentions: Learn the simple art of intention setting and how it influences our daily lives. We’ll start our journey by carving out a small window of time each day for you . This will assist you in processing your emotions and connecting to your higher self as you move through the course.

Reclaim Your Spirit Essence: Diving deep into your soul we start connecting all the pieces of what makes you unique – your talents, gifts and energetic vibration. We uncover YOUR TRUTH so you can live each day unapologetically.

Rhythm & Frameworks: Create your ideal daily rhythm and a supportive structure for you no matter your situation. You’ll see how the moon and seasons impact our lives and use their potent energy to your own advantage.

Vibrant Visions: What do you really, DEEPLY desire? Let your imagination loose, surrender to your inner wisdom and craft your version of what wild success looks like. Listening to your inner wisdom and dream from a place that has your best interest in mind.

Plan: Working backwards you’ll map out a clear path towards your dream life. Breaking down  your vision into bite-sized pieces will help you to make the changes you desperately want to see and be a guide to living as a true expression of self on your journey.

Boundaries: Setting and maintaining boundaries is the only way you are going to be able to take action on your daily/weekly plan. We will also walk through tips on how to delegate, as well as how to ask for help when it comes to bringing  our vision to life.

Facing Fear: Through mastering your mindset we conquer all of those negative thoughts that aren’t serving you anymore. Learn how to change your thoughts and take action from a place that feels good.

Self Trust: What if your body could tell you what it is you want? Listening to and understanding your own body’s toolkit will help guide you on a path that is meant for you. Intuition and awareness are key components of this lesson.

Home Roots: Our environment impacts us each day and for many, there is no sanctuary to escape to. Our homes can be our sanctuary, we just need to understand  how to create a space that is going to fill our energy.

Relationships: The people we surround ourselves with are a mirror of who we are and where we are destined to go. You will take a look at your relationships and how you want to show up for each of them – from friends and extended family, to your partner – addressing how you can nurture both, those you love as well as yourself, in harmony.

Career, Impact & Money: Create an abundance mindset when it comes to money. We look at how we can call it in energetically in order to make an impact – be it for our family, self-development or to serve hundreds of others.

Your Core Message: You know you are capable of big things but what is your specific purpose in this intricate puzzle of life. Uncover your message for the world, where you fit and what you are here to do.


the Whole Woman community

An online course and community for those who are ready to put themselves back into the driver’s seat and create a life that feels good & lights you up!

How to know if you’re ready to transform your life with the Whole Woman Community

You are tired of putting others’ needs ahead of your own and ready to make the change to live a soulful life

You light up with curiosity when it comes to the topic of spirituality because you’ve been craving a little more magic.

You want to feel inspired, passionate & creative again

You’re willing to go there – to be  vulnerable and get real about what you need to do to change

You want to awaken your inner-power (your TRUTH) and live unapologetically

You want to start nurturing you and prioritising what matters to you

Hey I’m Lizzie

A Spiritual Mentor and Former people pleaser!

Raised as a good country girl, I broke all the rules and created a life based on passion; now living, with my trusty laptop, off-grid in a subtropical rainforest in Australia.  

Dedicated to the journey of self-exploration, I help people like you ditch people-pleasing and feeling small by harnessing your unique essence, so you can speak your truth fully and freely. Infusing spiritual practices with down to earth simplicity, I value honesty, integrity, self-expression and fun.

I’ve worked with others just like you, who want to build confidence, find out what they want to be when they grow up (yes even in their 30’s & 40’s),  listen to their intuition, unapologetically be themselves and feel like they have their life under control again… and I can help you achieve all of this too!


Simply scroll down below and click on which option suits you and follow the prompts. Or, if you have any questions please send us an email at because we want to make sure that this program is the best fit for you.

You have two options
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Whole Woman is a go at your own pace course. You can join at any time and dive straight into the content. Calls are monthly and the vibrant Facebook community love seeing new faces.

All of the LIVE Q+A calls are done via Zoom and run for approximately 60-90 min each. 

The calls are lined up with Full Moon & New Moon and will change as this rotation happens. At this stage the calls are done of an evening in AEST. 

There are replays from each call so if you miss one you are not missing out on any discussions. 

We try to accommodate everyone on our group calls where possible. And as the group grows there will be more calls introduced to accommodate time zones.
All the replays are housed in our exclusive membership area. 

You can cancel your membership anytime by simply emailing the team at

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Lizzie is a delight to work with; she's full of beans and laughter.

She has a tool kit of really valuable simple tools that are easy to apply and play with.

I came away really enjoying my time in Lizzie’s program.

- Sarah 
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John Doe

Lizzie is a delight to work with; she's full of beans and laughter.

She has a tool kit of really valuable simple tools that are easy to apply and play with.

I came away really enjoying my time in Lizzie’s program.

- Sarah 

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10 Minute Guide to Let Go, 
Forgive & Accept

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