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Why I switched from MailChimp to Active Campaign

After being with MailChimp for the last 12 years, I finally decided it was time to make the move to a different provider. The reason for the move is one that stems from how I want my ideal customers to move through a sign-up and nurture sequence and simpler to use.

First I want to talk about MailChimp and why I loved them. Because it did take a long time for me to actually make the move. MailChimp is really great for those who have just started their business and at its $0 price point for lists under 2k it really is a no-brainer for collecting emails.

MailChimp is really simple to use and once you have worked out how to decorate your opt-in forms and style your email campaigns your all set. In the last year MailChimp has also recently added automation to those who pay $0 a month. This use to be a paid service one of which I use to use years ago.

My major drawback and the reason I am moving away from MailChimp is that I want to have multiple opt-ins that all go on one list. What I use to do was have multiple lists sitting in MailChimp for different offers or challenges that I use to create. It was a bit of a nightmare especially when it came time to sending my monthly newsletters.

The move from Mailchimp to Active Campaign was not simple. I actually did a trial and then I trialed ConvertKit but liked Active Campaign better for its’ automation feature. But since Active Campaign didn’t have lead magnets I actually teamed it up with LeadPages. So what I have now is multiple opt-ins and they all go back to one list in Active Campaign.

It took me two weeks to migrate everything. It wasn’t easy. I had an automation to rework, set up 15 new opt-in offers and content upgrades. I have now settled and I sent my first campaign out last week and guess what the conversion rate of delivery to inbox was higher. My email list has grown more than it has in the past month and I am feeling pretty chuffed with the changes.

Now before you get excited about the thought of growing your email list and moving to another email provider. I really urge you to consider what your goals are around your email list, how you want to collect data, what data do you wish to acquire, do you have an automation sequence, content upgrades or a single opt-in? Perhaps you need to think about how often you are sending out emails and how many of them you want to land into folks inboxes.

At the end of the day, when it is time to make the move it’s time to make the move and for me it is now!

Active Campaign offers me lead scoring, user insights when leads go cold! And I can see how people move through my automation and who is currently opening their emails. The drag and drop automation tool is fantastic and so easy to use and set-up. After 10 years of doing a lot of tech behind the scenes of my websites, I am just wanting to make my life easier. And it so easy to use.  Like I said the only downside is that it doesn’t do content upgrades. But I found the solution and I am stoked at how effective it is working.

So if you are ever looking to make the move to another provider after Mailchimp – leave me a comment, especially if you have questions about Active Campaign, LeadPages or Convertkit and seeing what is right for you.

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